The balance between organic and luxury.

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For your face and body.

AB Organic Coconut Scrub eliminates the need for multiple products and clutter on the bathroom bench by exfoliating & moisturising your skin on your face & body in one go! This makes it perfect for sensitive skin, as you don’t need to buy separate products.


Naturally healing.

The organic sugar buffs away old skin, and allows the skin to absorb the coconut oil, which will in turn truly nourish and moisturise.

Additionally, these have antiseptic properties, healing skin conditions and preventing further breakouts. The coconut & nectar act to hold the moisture in and leave the delicious smell lingering on the skin.

Current customers compliment AB on a wide range of benefits, including (but not limited to) reducing skin break outs, healing pregnancy stretch marks, scarring and other conditions like psoriasis and peeling skin from sunburn.


Kind to you and the environment.

Unlike scrubs with micro-beads, this scrub simply melts and dissolves into the water; giving back to nature.

We have a recyclable refill sachet available, so your jar needn’t be disposed of.


Elegance never felt so healthy

When we give ourselves the attention and care we all deserve, we allow ourselves to feel beautiful and confident, and as a result, put our best selves forward.


“This scrub is legit incredible! I’ve literally got the  smoothest glowing skin after using it in the shower. I love natural skin products, things like coconut oil and sugar scrubs just make my skin feel amazing. This one is totally organic and it only contains four ingredients, and they’re totally natural... It smells so good and to be completely
honest, it tastes amazing too....... Some got in my mouth by accident..... And then some got in my mouth on purpose. Okay I ate some of the scrub, I know that’s weird but it tasted really really nice Plus considering I basically have the most sensitive skin ever, I have to be really careful what I use on it otherwise I break out horribly! This stuff is great for some deep exfoliation time.

Bec R

“ I used AB scrub for one straight month and noticed straight away how much more supple and soft my skin was. It was
kept moisturised throughout the day without getting too oily and because I was exfoliating day and night it kept my skin consistently clear. What I love most about this product is that it is an all-in-one  leanser, exfoliator and moisturiser which meant I could get rid of the cluster of products I had built up over the years. The cherry on top is how amazing it smells when you apply it! “

Frances C

"Having sensitive skin has always meant that I’ve had to be careful with what products I use. AB is the perfect product for me, as the sugar scrubs away all my imperfections,
leaving my skin feeling smooth, while the coconut oil hydrates the skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple without any irritation whatsoever. You know you’re using fresh and organic too when your skin smells good enough to eat after using it!”

Sarah B

I do find that I get the occasional breakout, particularly around my chin area. Since using AB I’ve noticed a significant reduction in these breakouts”

Chloe F

“I’ve always had problems with ingrown hairs and razor rash after shaving. After using AB Australia scrub, I stopped getting ingrown hairs, and haven’t had a rash since. I always thought my girl friend was spending too much money on products that don’t actually work, but with AB, even I can now see the benefit of investing in a skin care product that actually does what it claims.”

Bodie G

“All I can say about Alannah Browne Scrubs is WOW! I love the way it makes my skin feel so fresh and so smooth. The coconut smell lingers and I look forward to using it every time I shower! I would buy any of your products and can’t wait for more to come! I have told my friends about this amazing product and they are all very keen to try it! It’s great xxx “

Casey C

Wow! I absolutely loved the whole experience involved with my AB Coconut Scrub. The jar is beautiful, but the scrub itself, smells and feels gorgeous. It definitely fills the missing piece in my daily beauty regime. So in love!

Rose P